Green Thai Curry

Thai basil. Similar to regular basil, but with a slightly different flavour. When I smelled it I almost caught a hint of licorice.

Thai basil. Similar to regular basil, but with a slightly different flavour. When I smelled it I almost caught a hint of licorice.

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been a bit busy, and have only cooked a couple things I felt were worth posting. Then of course, I didn’t get around to posting them… but I digress.

Tonight’s meal was Chicken Green Thai Curry. Totally delicious!

I had intended on making slow cooker honey garlic chicken, but I forgot to pull the chicken out last night to put in this morning. Silver lining. I’ve been looking for a good green thai curry recipe for a couple weeks. I actually made green thai meatballs a couple weeks ago with the intention of sharing the recipe, however I actually decided it wasn’t worth sharing, or making again.

This one though, this was worth sharing.

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Sushi night!


Last night’s dinner was homemade sushi! I am a lover of sushi, as is most of my family, including Gourmet Toddler. Gourmet Toddler got me the BEST gift for Mother’s Day (and by GT I mean my husband), a sushi making kit which included nice chopsticks, a rolling mat, a couple sauce dishes, a dvd and a book. IMG_5192Naturally I ran out to get the ingredients right away.

I was a little skeptical at first if I could make sushi that was just as good as the stuff that I get at my local sushi restaurant, but to be honest, making sushi was not that hard!

My sushi of preference is uri-maki, which translates to “inside out roll”. I prefer the nori on the insriide, I just like the texture of the roll better that way.

When I go out for sushi, I usually order a sweet potato roll, and a roll called a “firecracker’s dream” with avocado. Naturally my first instinct of course was the emulate those, so the recipes I’ll be sharing will be for a crispy spicy mashed sweet potato roll, and a crispy spicy avocado roll. I’ll also be sharing a recipe for teriyaki sauce. Continue reading

Gnocchi with Roasted Cauliflower, and Strawberry Apple Crisp

Today I’ll be sharing two recipes, because I felt like making dessert.

First let’s start with the main course! Tonight’s dinner was Gnocchi and Roasted Cauliflower. I originally found this recipe while doing a search for dinner recipes that are 400cal or less. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, gnocchi (prounounced noh-kee) is a type of pasta that is made from potatoes. It generally contains flour as well. Gnocchi are little potato “dumplings”, they’re a bit chewy, and very tasty. That’s right, I told you I eat food from places other than Asia!IMG_5140

Sometimes she looks super angry when I take a picture of her eating...

Sometimes she looks super angry when I take a picture of her eating…

At first glance, this recipe appears as though it could be quite bland, given then it doesn’t involve any sauce. In fact, it’s actually quite flavourful! The roasted cauliflower has a subtle sweetness to it, and the sage adds a lot of taste.

Like many of the recipe I share, and will share, this one is also easy. Which is helpful when you have a toddler hanging off your legs while you cook!

For little ones I’d almost suggest cutting their gnocchi in half for them. While there’s no real choking hazard, Gourmet Toddler had a little bit of a hard time picking it up on her fork. For those who still eat with their hands it’s perfect, my kid just refuses to eat with her hands unless I’m doing the same thing.

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Thai Coconut Tomato Soup, and a bad mommy moment

So yesterday for lunch I made thai coconut tomato soup. Delicious, I’ve made it before and it’s super easy. It’s rich and flavourful, and as spicy or mild as you’d like it to be. There’s a story to that spice, and my bad mommy moment… but I’ll get to that.


I find it helpful to arrange my ingredients beforehand.You can see too, there isn’t too much to this soup. As you can see as well, there is only one tiny little pepper in this recipe, though you can use two if you prefer it really spicy. Here’s where we come to the bad mommy moment.

Gourmet toddler has had this soup before. She likes it, I only use one pepper so it isn’t too spicy [If your kid is not used to spice at all, I would highly suggest using only half a pepper. GT is used to a little bit of spice.]

The thing to remember with these peppers though, is that while they’re tiny, they pack a HUGE punch. For reference, they have a measurement of 50,o00-100,000 scoville heat units. For scale, a jalapeño pepper only measures 3500-8000 scoville heat units. Continue reading

Slowcooker Sesame Beef

Besides of course, the oven, the slow cooker is the best thing to ever happen to cooking. On the days that I work, nothing is worse than coming home and having to make dinner. Seriously. Especially on the days I leave Gourmet Toddler with my sister instead of taking her to work, because on those days, she doesn’t want me to put her down when we get home.

Coming home and having only to make rice and/or veggies, or even having to make NOTHING is the best. Thus, on Tuesdays,IMG_5070 Wednesdays and Thursdays, I rely on the slow cooker a lot.

Today’s recipe was slow cooker sesame beef. (I swear, I do eat food that comes from outside of Asia).

I’ve made this recipe before, and it’s a hit in my house. It’s simple and delicious. It’s great with rice, and the leftovers are good with sandwiches. Gourmet Toddler loves rice so this is great because I can mix it all up.

One of the best things about the slow cooker is how tender it makes everything. This beef actually starts out as a roast, and is later shredded using two forks. That’s how tender and juicy it is. It doesn’t come out dry at all either. Continue reading

My accidental delish

I had pretty much NO intention of making something delicious today. Well, that’s not entirely true. Originally, today’s meal was going to be skinny chicken broccoli Alfredo. I had decided that I didn’t feel like having that, and so last night I asked my husband to pull out the roast beef that was in the freezer, with the intention of making slow cooker sesame beef (which I’m making tomorrow, you’ll just have to wait for that recipe). My husband proceeded to pull out the roast beef and place it in the fridge… which of course meant that this morning when I went to put it in the slow cooker, it was still completely frozen. Oh well, que sera.

Fast forward to this evening. Tuesdays are one of my work days. Today I had to take a course downtown, but fortunately that actually meant I got home a little early. First I decided to take advantage of the fact that it wasn’t raining for 5 minutes to work on my gardens.I have four that have been completely overgrown with weeds (I live in an old house and no one has tended to these gardens in years), which I am attempting to reclaim. 3 will be for flowers, and I intend on growing fresh vegetables in the fourth (or at least attempting to). After that, I decided I couldn’t cook at all until I tidied up my house. I don’t know about all of you, but when my house is a mess, I can’t think straight. Hurricane toddler had gone through my house, and shoes and toys lay wherever my cheeky monkey decided they should be.

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A hello, and a little Red Thai Curry

Welcome to The Gourmet Toddler. I’m a foodie, a writer, a photographer, and most importantly, a mom! What do you do when you’re all those things, and you have a kid who isn’t fussy in the slighest? You start a food blog, naturally!IMG_5041

Meet my Gourmet Toddler. This kid is willing to try anything at least once.

Seriously. At 16 months she has a huge vocabulary, and among her words? Sushi. Which she’ll scarf down. For the record, I don’t let her eat raw fish. I don’t even eat that myself. We stick to the vegetarian maki for the most part.

I consider myself a pretty lucky mom, considering I’m kind of a foodie. It would be very disappointing to have to stick to kid staples like fish sticks, chicken nuggets and fries. While I’m not saying she doesn’t dig those things, because she certainly does, luckily she digs things like curry just as much.
Which brings me to the first recipe I’ll be sharing with all of you, Red Thai Curry Sauce. Continue reading